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How to make the most of your outdoor space

The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s pleasant climate allows comfortable recreation and relaxation beyond the home’s four walls virtually all throughout the year. Here, you don’t have to go far to enjoy rejuvenating sunshine and refreshing breezes – just open your doors and take a step outside!

You can easily spruce up your home’s outdoor spaces with these tips:

  1. Make a plan

    Before working on anything else, create a plan that ties everything together – from design themes, to must-have elements, to all the measurements you have to keep track of to make your vision work.Match your outdoor design plan with that of your interiors, so that the aesthetic of your home flows from inside to the outdoors. Treat indoor and outdoor areas as parts of a cohesive whole, instead of as separate spaces.

  2. Prioritize comfort

    Dress up your outdoor space to maximize opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Opt for weatherproof wooden or rustproof furniture and pad them up with plush fabrics and cushions for maximum comfort.During the warm months – when weather reports guarantee no inconvenient rain showers – bring out sofas, outdoor rugs, and extra cushions to add both visual appeal and practical comfort.

  3. Create spaces that encourage conversation

    With comfortable furniture already in place, some thoughtful arrangements can turn a set of outdoor furnishings into a space that invites and inspires warm conversations. Angle seats so that guests can interact easily. Add side tables for snacks and drinks, too.

  4. Set up outdoor heating and creative lighting

    Enjoying your backyard or patio does not have to be limited to daytime hours. With the right upgrades, you can invite family, friends, and neighbors to memorable outdoor dinners.Build fire pits or install heat strips so you can stay warm and comfortable even during chillier evenings.

    Get creative with your lighting to create a matching ambience. Use lanterns, candles, or string lights for just the right amount of soft lighting. Harsh spotlights can ruin the feel of an intimate get-together with friends and neighbors.

  5. Grow a garden

    Bring your outdoor spaces to life with foliage. Knowing the plants that can flourish in the local area’s conditions is key to a healthy garden.Gardening is not only a sensible and natural way to decorate your exteriors, it is also an excellent hobby that promotes habits that can turn anyone into a better homemaker.

    Of course, you can hire professional landscapers and gardeners if you choose to. Either way, a thriving garden will prove a worthwhile investment for your home.

  6. Create your very own fitness park

    In addition to creating inviting social spaces, how about using your home’s outdoor space for your family’s recreation and health? There is nothing like bright morning sunshine and fresh breezes to lift your spirits and launch you into healthy habits outdoors.Setting up an outdoor gym can be as simple as clearing space for yoga mats or as intensive as installing additional fixtures that you can use for an exercise routine.

    For your kids, add mini-gym pieces or playground equipment. These will encourage children to up their physical activity by playing outdoors.

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