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Real Estate Design Trends for 2021 That Sells Homes

As people look for bigger homes where they can live, work, and study more comfortably, Mississippi home prices have seen impressive growth over the last year. Data from Zillow.com, for example, shows that the average home price in Mississip...

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Buying a Home With Good Resale Value

A home is more than just a roof over your head—if you’re savvy, it could be a lucrative investment, too. So if you’re looking at Biloxi houses for sale, don’t just fixate on a property’s asking price; look further ahead and ask: ...

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Tips on how to maintain your waterfront property

Waterfront homes pay for their premium price in many ways. They treat their homeowners to spectacular views, a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and an active lifestyle on and by the water. The tradeoff is higher and more frequent maintenance...

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2021 real estate market trends and predictions

2020 went through significant changes very quickly. Contrary to initial expectations, housing markets all over the country made a strong comeback after an initial slump early in the year due to the onset of the pandemic and the statewide lock...

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5 Questions to ask when deciding to sell your home

The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s current real estate market is expected to remain strong for the rest of 2021. Demand for homes is high and home values are rising. As a result, the idea of selling often comes up among homeowners. Selling you...

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realtor holding a clipboard in front of a residential home

How to choose an agent before buying a house

Buying a home requires plenty of work from buyers, sellers, and agents alike. As a buyer, going through this journey can sometimes feel like you’re floating aimlessly at sea. But with a good real estate agent to help you out, they can a...

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A senior woman with a dog and coffee sitting outdoors on a terrace on sunny day in summer.

Five Benefits of Living on an Acreage Property

We get it. It can be tiring to be just a couple of meters away from your neighbors. You have to consider a lot of things, from whether you're playing your favorite song too loud or your plants are starting to creep up over the fence and int...

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Young farmer in filed holding tablet in his hands and examining soybean corp.

What Every Commercial Land Investor Should Know

At first glance, all land looks more or less the same here in Gulfport MS real estate. But on the contrary, land isn't all the same, especially commercial land. There are a variety of things and factors that can make each parcel of land for...

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