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First Time Buyers Guide: A Mississippi Checklist

A Mississippi Checklist

Buying your first house can be fun, exciting, nerve racking and stressful but at the end of the day it will be a decision that you will not regret. One of the stressful and nerve racking things can be when it comes time to move into your newly purchased home. Here is a checklist to help you plan your move and hopefully ease the stress a bit.

  1. Clear out the excess

    We all collect things along the way in life that eventually end up serving no purpose and just sit. Now is the time to go through those things and decide what stays and what goes. Clearing out a lot of unnecessary excess can reduce the number of items to move as well as prevent the question of what to do with these things when you get them moved to your new place.

  2. Organize by Room

    As a first-time buyer you may not have everything you want to fill up your first home yet but it is time to assess what you do have. After clearing out the excess, it is time to organize into where the remaining items will go in your new home. Organizing by room can help to easily unpack in the right area of the house. It also helps anyone who is helping you move to know where it goes when they bring it in.

  3. Clearly Label Everything

    Organizing everything on the front end will make it much easier to unpack and stay organized in your new home. Make sure you are labeling everything clearly so you do not end up with mystery boxes wondering what is in them and where can you find something you need before you are fully unpacked.

  4. Decide on Hiring Movers or Cashing in a Favor

    Depending on the amount of stuff you need to move, you should make the decision of hiring a mover or relying on friends and family to help you do it yourself. If you do not have a lot of stuff and not too many heavy items then going with friends and family may be your best bet and will save you money in the long run. However, if you have multiple heavy items then it is most likely best to hire someone to help you move. Taking precautions with heavier items is important so you do not get hurt or end up damaging the items or any parts of your new house.

  5. If the Box Sits – Get Rid of It

    Many times, a box will end up sitting and not getting unpacked because the items in it are not needed. This is a definite indicator that you need to get rid of whatever is in this box or boxes. Keeping the unnecessary clutter out of your new home will help keep you relaxed and will help to prevent you from moving the same box to your next house.

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