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Moving with children and pets: How to have a hassle-free relocation

Family into new home

Moving to a new home can be very overwhelming; especially when you have children and pets. Children will find the move stressful because they are used to the familiarity and routine of your current home. Pets may be agitated by the comings and goings, feel unwell as a result of the long ride to your new home if you’re moving out of state. But once the decision to move is final, it’s important to help them adjust to their new surroundings.

Here are some helpful tips to make the relocation process as smooth as possible for your children and pets:

  • Involve the whole family in the planning process

    Make your children feel that they have a say in planning your move to a new home. Bring them along look at homes and listen to what they have to say about the house and the neighborhood. You can also let them plan and decorate their own rooms. Involving them in the process will make them feel more open-minded and excited about moving.

  • Visit your vet

    Before you move, it’s necessary to have a vet check your pets. This ensures that they’re healthy and vaccinated to avoid catching any illnesses in your new location. Ask your vet for an updated health certificate or medical history of your pet that includes the list of vaccinations it has been given. If you’re crossing state lines, you might also need an entry permit, a rabies tag, and special travel identification tags.

  • Get your pet used to car rides

    Whether your new home is a short or long drive away, your pet should be used to being in the car for long periods of time. This prevents them from being antsy or restless in the car, which makes the drive much easier. If you will be traveling by plane to your new home, check the airline policies so that you can make your pet as comfortable as possible on the journey.

  • Prepare your children in advance

    Once you’ve decided on the location of your new home, take your children and pets for a short visit so that they can familiarize themselves with the area. Bring them to the nearby parks, playgrounds, and the school they will be attending. If you’re moving to a farther location, you can show them pictures and videos of the area. Once they get to know the area, they’ll have a better idea of what awaits them in their new home.

  • Continue your routines and rituals

    When you’ve moved to your new home, continue the rituals and routines that your family has been used to. If you walk your dog every morning, continue the routine in your new home. If your family has special dinner nights or Sunday activities, don’t break the tradition even if you haven’t completely settled in. Carrying on with rituals and routines restores the stability and familiarity that your children and pets need in your new home.

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