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Everything you need to know about selling a waterfront property

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Selling waterfront property sounds like a quick and easy proposition. But like any endeavor, there are many things to understand before, during and after the sale.

Buyers looking for a waterfront home have different considerations. They may be looking for the home to use as an investment property, retirement property or vacation property. They are generally looking for a place which allows them to go fishing, swimming, boating and enjoy the water. Whether a lake or an ocean, they want the water.

Much like the sale of luxury homes, investment property and commercial property, waterfront property is a niche market. There are steps you can take before finding a qualified, reputable agent that will make the sale go smoother.

First impressions

While the inside of the house should always be staged and ready when going to sell, with waterfront properties, the outside of the home is equally, if not more important. The landscaping, clutter, paint and trim should all be taken care of and in shape. This also includes cleaning up the shoreline, making the beach appealing for potential buyers. Depending on the time of year and the foot traffic near the home, keeping the outside ready should be a scheduled task.

As well as cleaning the house itself, make sure the windows are clean. When the buyers do go inside, they will want to clearly picture their time in the home. Outside, set up a barbecue grill, maybe a picnic table or nice patio furniture.
Find a good, reputable, knowledgeable agent. Since they have the expertise, they will be able to assist you in the steps that follow.


Buyers looking for waterfront condos for sale in Ocean Springs, MS might find some associations have boat docks included or with an additional fee. Be prepared to discuss this with the buyer, as well as making sure where the local marinas are. Make sure that you know the condo’s association rules as well. Many associations restrict and even require approval of buyers.

Make sure if there is a dock included on the property that it’s been maintained, repair any broken boards, put on a new coat of paint and again clear out the clutter. The end of the dock would be ideal for fishing, so if not already there, adding a rail and some holders for rods might not be a bad idea.

Waterfront vs. Beachfront

Gulfport, MS waterfront homes for sale and waterfront homes for sale in Biloxi, MS may have access to the beach, but State Route 90, Beach Blvd., separates most homes from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and the Mississippi Sound. Again, make sure you know where the access points are and the closest dockage for buyers that want to have their boat nearby. However, there are waterfront homes in Gulfport, MS on Bernard Bayou, which allow access to Biloxi’s Big Lake and a channel to the gulf.


Make sure you have a dock permit if you have and can discuss the water rights with a buyer. Right of Way, Buffer Zones, Littoral and Riparian rights let you know how you can access the water. And most areas require flood insurance, so check to make sure of the limits.


Pricing the home correctly for sale is important. While a Biloxi home may be close to the Gulf, the idea of crossing to get to it may bring the price down. Incidentally that home inland on Big Lake may be a bit more because it offers a dock and boat house.


Many waterfront homes for sale in Ocean Springs, MS have docks and boathouses directly on the Sound. Make sure to get high quality photos and videos. With online searches and out of state buyers, the first impression they have will be what they see on real estate websites and your realtor’s website.


Selling at the right time and avoiding open houses will help sell the property. Contrary to popular belief, the winter months can be a good time to list in some cases. There is less foot traffic on the beach and boat traffic on the waterways and if the sale goes through, the closing will occur right about the time the buyer wants to use the home. The broker will know when the home is right for sale and can stage appointments for potential buyers. That time taken to sell to the buyer makes a difference. They don’t feel like they are just a face in the crowd.

Always know what the property has that the buyer wants and make those items the focal points in all marketing, staging and meetings. If you follow these steps your agent will be handing you a pen in short order.