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6 Reasons We Love 2082 Beach Drive in Gulfport

2082 Beach Drive in Gulfport

What do we love about 2082 Beach Drive? Well, we love everything but there are some things that are especially amazing about this Gulfport new construction luxury home. Here are a few of our very favorite things.

  1. Beachfront!

    You don’t get much more beachfrontthan this property. Right across the street the beach and gulf await you to use whenever you please. With the unobstructed view from the front, the east side and the west side of the house you will surely find yourself spending lots of time on one of the outdoor balconies enjoying the views of the beach and the Gulf. Rounding out our love for the beachfront location is the idea of rolling out of bed in the morning and stepping on to the balcony to see the beautiful white sand beach, the glistening ripples of the water and the morning activities from all the sea life.

  2. The Front Door

    This front door is absolutely gorgeous. It is a “massive statement” piece for the entire front of the house both inside and out. The ornate design provides serious visual interest for the main entrance of the home and works as an additional piece of art in the home. Also, with the massive size and height of the house the large front door is the perfect scale to tie into the size of the home.

  3. The Guest Suite
  4. When you live by the beach it is inevitable that you will have some guests coming over to your place to take advantage of the beach. What we love about this place is that it has its own private guest suite which allows for friends and family to come visit but keep some privacy when needed. It features 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and even a garage with its own private entrance.

  5. The Golf Course

    Just down the street is the Great Southern Golf Club. Perfect location for someone who enjoys a day on the links and often. Walk down the street and enjoy a few holes of golf. Living here could force you to become a pro and golf all day. Not a bad thing for a golf lover.

  6. New Construction

    The home itself is totally new construction meaning you will be the first to live in it. Currently, the home is awaiting finishes and some other odds and ends. This is the perfect opportunity to see if any changes might be made or if you are looking for something more specific to add your personal touch.

  7. Elevator

    At 9,905 square feet there is a lot of space to cover in this house. Spread out over three stories, the house offers an elevator to help you get from one story to the other. This is perfect for older guests, in-laws or even planning for the future when you may have trouble with the stairs.

Sherry L. Owen and Owen & Co. are offering this beautiful and massive home for sale at $2,475,000 and it is worth every penny. Come see it to believe it by clicking to schedule a showing here.